Hi, I am Adrien Cappelaere 👋

A journey to optimize digital growth

I am a multi-faceted digital professionnal who loves to learn and explore. I focus on impactful optimizations to create seamless digital experiences.


Where am I now ?

I am driving the SEO strategy for Quadient, with a focus on the french market (FR, CA, BE, LU, CH). I also own the Global Web Analytics and work on improving its impact within the company.

I actively collaborate with executive-level individuals and both global teams (web engineering, content, design, business intelligence) and local teams (demand generation, product marketing) to drive and optimize Quadient digital strategy.

My learning methodology

I firmly believe the path of the expert-generalist is challenging but incredibly rewarding. To get to that status, one has to make learning a part of his daily life. This is something I have cultivated over the years.

Learning is a continuous path

I’m continuously exploring new things, whether it be by browsing online resources, reading a book or taking courses on specific subjects.

Applying is the cement of learning

Implementing new ideas and gaining hands-on experience is the most efficient way to improve my skills.

Sharing is understanding

Finally, sharing my discoveries is the best way to get feedback, improve myself and create meaningful relationships with my peers.

My favorite resources

I’ve accumulated a lot of books, online courses and blog posts that I often come back to on specific subjects. Here are my favorites.


Atomic Habits

James Clear

A classic, for good reasons. A must read for anyone who wants to understand the underlying workings of habits.



Tom Critchlow

An amazing course on developing executive presence as SEOs. It changed how I approach SEO, and helped me secure budgets and get buy-in from C-suite.


Refactoring UI

Adam Wathan & Steve Schoger​

Amazing book to understand the basics of design in an easy way. Lots of visual examples and a go-to each time I want to tinker on Figma.


Think Like a UX Researcher

David Travis & Philip Hodgson​

This book helped me get a more holistic view of research. Analytics tools are not the only way to get useful informations!

More about myself

As far back as I can remember, I have always been obsessively curious about the world. My mother would say it was sometimes exhausting, but she always answered my questions as well as she could.

And the curiosity has only grown over the years. Now, it’s my wife who’s victim of my endless stream of questions about anything.

Among all the topics I’ve been interested in, one remain constant in the last decade:

I am fascinated by the digital ecosystem.

Thanks to this interest, I have honed skills in SEO, UX, data, web engineering, design, CRO and business strategy.

I have worked in various markets and industries through the years. I started working with SMBs, switched to agencies and currently work at an Enterprise-level with an international scope. All done while living in two different countries (France and Canada).

And that’s still the beginning of my journey.

What I enjoy in a company

There are several factors that make me feel comfortable in my work environment and allow me to bring value at my full potential.

Moving faster than light

I like the ability to take decisions smartly and efficiently. Agility is not just a hype word, it’s a way of working that allows to iterate and bring maximal value to users and businesses.

Cross-teams collaboration

Silos within organizations prevents people from reaching their full potential. Being able to collaborate with anyone, about anything, is crucial to generate impact.

Honest transparency

Absolute openness allows everyone to clearly understand the business goals and the underlying elements behind professionnal and personal decisions.

Empowerment & autonomy

Micromanagement have never been the answer. Having autonomy is the best way to be able to perform in both strategic and operational levels.

Remote-first environment

In a evermore connected world, there is hardly any excuses for mandatory office time in digital jobs. Commute time is better spent with my family.

Rest and repeat

Nobody’s a superhuman. Work-life balance is essential for performance and should be at the heart of every companies priorities nowadays.