Adrien Henna

Organic Growth Strategist

updated November 11, 2023

What is going on in my life

Enrolled in a MSc in International Business Management at EDHEC

I started my EDHEC MSc International Business Management. At the moment, we are exploring stakeholder management and international business.

This is an incredible opportunity to acquire new skills, grow my network, and open new perspectives.

Reading the Pathless Path by Paul Millerd

Paul describes that book as « an exploration of the invisible scripts that constrain our lives.« 

It is filled with personal stories and backed up with research. A very interesting book to read for anyone interested in the meaning or work in today’s society.

Tinkering with ChatGPT and AI

Like most people currently in the digital space, I’m exploring what AI can do to allow me to work faster and leverage it for time-intensive tasks.

So far, it’s an awesome tool to generate scripts for web analytics.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for the /now idea.