Adrien Henna

Organic Growth Strategist

I am a digital marketing professional working with international companies.

I lead Global SEO and Global Web Analytics at Quadient and teach Web Analytics at the University of Haute-Alsace.

With a decade of experience and success in growing 60+ clients across the USA, Canada, and Europe, I offer deep expertise and a strong focus on collaboration to drive impactful decisions and sustainable growth.

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Focusing on long-term impact and big picture, I identify high potential cross-functional initiatives, build the vision & strategy to get executive buy-in, then oversee the tactical implementation over time.

Example: Identified an opportunity for a new line of services at the agency I worked at and obtained buy-in from both the CEO and Founder. I then built both standard operating procedures and the products from the ground up, and trained internal teams to be able to execute flawlessly.

Example: Defined a new global content strategy that involved getting buy-in up to the CMO level. I assessed the opportunity and investment, built the roadmap and am currently overseeing the multi-year strategy and growth.


A better way of doing Marketing is possible.

I strive to create holistic marketing strategies focused on delivering an enjoyable customer journey.

Every touchpoint has to be interconnected, with a single source of truth monitoring performances and experience.

Experience-driven Marketing is a key differentiator to brand building and long-term performance: CX-led companies have over-performing stock returns (+108% vs SP500 over 13 years), proving that focusing on the customers is beneficial for both the individuals and the business.


I strive to become better at my craft, exploring new ideas and ideating to improve my understanding of the world and myself.

This is why I decided to get a bachelor in web development and why I am now enrolled in a MSc in International Business Management, both while working full time.

I also regularly enroll in online courses and certificate in my fields of interest. The most notable being the SEO MBA’s Executive Presence course, which helps me tremendously in my current role.

Others include the Harvard CS50: Introduction to Computer Science or HEC Montreal UX Design and Evaluation MicroMaster.

My goal is to be a leader with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of digital and business, so that I can effectively align and drive large teams towards common objectives.

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